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Plans and thoughts


In the lab we already have internet access for future LoRaWAN↔internet gateway functionality


The intial thoughts about gateway hardware is to go the DIY route to gain as much knowledge about the components and the TTN/LoRa technologies as possible.

Raspberry Pi + IMST iC880A

The iC880A is A 868MHz LoRa concentrator board using SX1301 and 2 SX1257 chips which is available now for EUR ~150.

The DIY gateway from ttn-zh (Zürich) based on the iC880A looks like an easy, capable and and relatively cheap solution (blogpost about this solution).

Ttn-liv (Liverpool) has forked this setup, it should be investigated how this differs from ttn-zh.


Other options

A more open alternative to the closed iC880A is to contribute to development of existing similar concentrators with open schematics such as this one for 433 MHz (US) (Hackster project).

The TTN Labs and wiki contains loads of possible node and gateway constructions.


Possible gateway location

  • The labs' physical location is near ideal for coverage of the central parts of Esbjerg and we have a nice 3 story building to put an antenna on top of. However, we probably need the building owner's (which is Esbjerg Kommune) permission to install antennas on the roof. Have a feeling that might prove to be non-trivial.

Source: Mapillary

Bigger map


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