Esbjergs teknologiværksted




The Things Network - Esbjerg Community

Current states

  • Network: not operational
  • Community: gathering interest

Some members of the GeekLabs makerspace in Esbjerg, Denmark are trying to initiate a The Things Network (TTN) Esbjerg community to experiment with and hopefully eventually deploy TTN gateway(s) in the Esbjerg area.

TTN is an European initiative to establish a global community and collaboratively driven communications infrastructure for IoT devices. It is based on the proprietary LoRa and open LoRaWAN technologies. They have run a successfull Kickstart project to fund elctronics development.

More about the closedness of the LoRa technology by the Esbjerg community initiator (in Danish, sorry) here.

The community’s official TTN presence is at;

We also have a twitter account; @TTN_Esbjerg.

More information can be found on the subpages of this wiki:

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