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Plans and thoughts


In the lab we already have internet access for future LoRaWAN↔internet gateway functionality


The intial thoughts about gateway hardware is to go the DIY route to gain as much knowledge about the components and the TTN/LoRa technologies as possible. The DIY gateway from ttn-zh (Zürich) based on the ic880a board looks like an easy, capable and and relatively cheap solution (ttn-liv (Liverpool) now maintains a fork).

A more viable alternative to the closed ic880a is to contribute to development of existing similar concentrators with open schematics such as [|this one for 433 MHz (US) ]] (Hackster project).

The TTN Labs and wiki contains loads of possible node and gateway constructions.


Possible gateway location

  • The labs' physical location is near ideal for coverage of the central parts of Esbjerg and we have a nice 3 story building to put an antenna on top of. However, we probably need the building owner's (which is Esbjerg Kommune) permission to install antennas on the roof. Have a feeling that might prove to be non-trivial.

Source: Mapillary

Bigger map


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